Review: Vector (Weaver #3) by Vaun Murphrey



Title: Vector

Author: Vaun Murphrey

Pages: 306

Genre: Science Fiction, Fantasy

Rating: 3/5 Stars

Summary: Homecomings usually involve burgers, fries and apple pies but that’s not on the menu for Cassandra and Silver. They’re launched into assassination attempts, bar brawls, and relationship drama just in the first 24 hours. Can they protect everyone they love from all comers before it explodes in their face?

Just realized I never got around to writing my review for this book! Whoops. While I enjoyed this book, I have to say that after just finishing Phoenix a couple days ago that this is my least favorite out of them all. The story is well written, and the pace is excellent. I think I just miss the alien planet, lol! We finally get caught up with our favorite Weavers back on Earth again and see how they’ve progressed since Cass and Silver have been away. Nothing really has gone on besides everyone getting older and James being with another girl.
Sometimes I find it really hard to like James, kind of how I feel towards Silver as well. There’s just something about them that has a tendency to rub me the wrong way.
The ending is probably the best part for me. I wasn’t expecting it, and as much as it hurt, I enjoyed it!

Side note: Yes, I have returned! Sorry I’ve been away! Between not having a laptop for awhile and then getting a new job as a pre-school teacher it’s been a rough and busy time over here! I will do my best to continue to update as I used to, which means at least 1-2 reviews a week.


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