Small bump in the road.


Hey all! My laptop just died on me tonight(RIP, buddy) and I won’t be getting my new one for about a week and a half to two weeks so hang in there with me. I absolutely hate the WordPress app but I’ll make due until I can get us back to our regularly scheduled programming. If you come to the blog and notice it’s a little wonky and such, please do not panic and think I wrote a review drunkenly and/or decided to throw all fucks out the window. Pardon the language. I will still be doing reviews and obviously reading more than ever now so huzzah! I have secretly been video gaming a bit, but don’t tell anyone. 😰

The next books on the chopping block…err, review board are Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen and Vector (Weaver series, book #3) by Vaun Murphrey. You’re not gonna wanna miss what I have to say! Stay tuned!


2 thoughts on “Small bump in the road.

  1. katewrath1

    Arg, I tried the WP app and went “WTF?” I have never opened it again. I feel your pain, Rose. Good luck with the new computer. It seems that there’s a rash of computers dying. One of my friends just had to replace hers, and mine is being incredibly funny, so I might be next.


    • Oh, it’s the absolute worst, I hate it. Thanks! I can’t wait for the new shiny to arrive. It’s funny because I was “window shopping” for a new laptop the day before. It’s like it knew it’s time was almost up and just said screw it, I’m going when I wanna go! You don’t control me! *poof* Very spiteful, those Macbook Pros are, lol.

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